Join us this Friday September 15th for Dr. Carmen Jimenez!

Dr. Carmen Jimenez will be presenting her research at Marymount Manhattan College in the Regina Peruggi Room at 6:00.  Her research is about the Mapping Protocol.  This event is free for students and $20 for professionals.  

The Mapping Protocol

The Mapping Protocol (MP) is an adjunct therapeutic technique that incorporates the use of graphic representation in the form of maps or images that add additional sensory and visual information to understand the journey from country of origin to the new country, foster communication between the practitioner and client, activate the memory network with complex trauma clients, and facilitate blocked processing. 


EMDR and the Mapping Protocol

Given that trauma interrupts the brain’s capacity to integrate information leading to active limbic systems, the Mapping Protocol offers a visual tool for both the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapist and client allowing the client to better articulate the culture and journey of relocation while building rapport. Driven by the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model, this process can help to identify the traumatic memories related to the journey that continue to impact the client and facilitate trauma processing from the prism of the client’s experience.

Developed in 2015 by Dr. Carmen Jimenez, ongoing research suggests that the Mapping Protocol can be applied as an adjunctive therapeutic technique in:

  •                              Building a rapport with client
  •                              Collaborating with client
  •                              Completing a thorough client history and assessment
  •                              Gathering precise targets
  •                              Remaining on target
  •                              Ego strengthening
  •                              Educative interweaves
  •                              Containment exercises